Saturday, July 15, 2006

Who is this woman????

Assuming anyone cares enough to ask, Liane Gentry Skye is a pseudonym that I have used to protect my children's rights to confidentialty. I describe myself in most cases as the mother of four perfect children, two of whom are living well with autism. I am first a mother, second an advocate for my children and their peers, and finally, a part time writer. I'm sure my children's school district would tell you a more turbulent side of this story! :)

While writing publishable fiction has always stood front and center in my dreams, writing to broaden the public's perceptions regarding persons with autism became the necessary work of my heart.

In that regard, I have had articles, essays and opinion pieces published in such publications as Guidepost's Angels on Earth, Autism Asperger Digest, The Myrtle Beach Sun news, Autism Today, America Online's Soap Box opinion section, The Mothers from Hell Brimstone Bulletin, and several related regional venues.

My writing has led me into some passionate advocacy battles which managed to force several Southern school districts into compliance regarding the civil rights and rights to protection from sexual abuse for persons with autism and related developmental disabilities.

Marketing my fiction sat on the back burner to my children's needs for many years, but I have never stopped working to inch towards my dream. In the breathing spaces between the advocacy and educational battles, I took second place honors, twice, in the Southwest Writers Workshop Writing Contest, for mainstream novels and inspirational writing. My short story, Imprint in the Ice, won Zoetrope All Story Extra's first and only online writing contest. I'm particulary proud of that story as both main characters have developmental differences.

I'm currently writing a novel and middle grade children's book related to autism.

To find out more about my current work, you can visit me at Retribution, Divine.

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